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Dental Restorations and Cosmetic Restorations

A dental restoration is material that has been put into a prepared tooth to restore function when the tooth structure has been lost due to decay, fracture or to improve the look of the tooth.

Different types of materials and procedures are used in restorations, depending on the type of restoration being performed.

Dental Restorations: Fillings

Some restorations are done inside the mouth. These types of restorations are very common and are usually referred to as amalgam (silver) or composite resin (tooth coloured) restorations. Gold can also be used as a material for this type of restoration.


The dentist removes (with a drill) decay from the affected tooth and shapes the cavity to hold the filling. The hole is then filled with the appropriate material for the cavity size and the location in the patient’s mouth.

Advantages of Dental Restorations – Fillings

Returns teeth to its proper function
Helps to eliminate increased decay and tooth loss