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Bhandari Dental : Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Oakville Worth Smiling About

Looking for a dentist in Oakville? Meet Dr. Bhandari, our resident dental surgeon with over 3 decades of experience in the field of his choice. Dr. Bhandari’s passion for his craft is surpassed only by his genuine interest in sharing his knowledge with his patients, alleviating the anxieties often associated with a visit to the dentist’s chair. That compassion can now be found right here, in Oakville. Come feel the Bhandari difference. We now proudly offer a complete suite of cosmetic & family dentistry in Oakville.

Oakville dentistry has reached a new level with the opening of Dr. Bhandari’s latest new dental clinic. Now residents of Oakville and the surrounding areas can benefit from Dr. Bhandari’s 30+ years of experience. His dedication to offering the best in diagnostic technology and his genuine concern for patient comfort spreads to his staff so that every patient’s treatment is individualized in a relaxed, family-type environment. The visit starts in a cozy, stylish waiting room, equipped with flat screen TV, Playstation and a warm fireplace, ideal on cold winter days. All operating/exam rooms also have flat screen tvs to help the time go by more quickly during your exam or procedure. The patient’s comfort and wellbeing is always top of mind with Dr. Bhandari.
Oakville Family Dentist
Bhandari Dental has been providing superior dental care, customer service, cleanliness and modern technology to his patients since 1984. Now that superior dental care is available in Oakville. Family dentistry at Oakville’s Bhandari Dental offers a stress-free experience for clients of all ages, as Dr. Bhandari and his staff strive to make every patient’s visit a pain-free and enjoyable one. Customer comfort and education are what sets Bhandari Dental, your new dentist in Oakville, aside from the rest, but offering comprehensive family dentistry in Oakville is just one aspect of what our practice covers.

Child Dentistry

You want your children’s teeth to last a lifetime. Start them off right by having them actually enjoy their visit to a dentist in Oakville that caters to the whole family. They will return for their check-ups and procedures with a smile on their face because Bhandari Dental knows family dentistry. Oakville children’s dentistry, whether it’s a routine cleaning, a cavity filling or orthodontics, is handled in a way that encourages local youth to approach oral hygiene with enthusiasm and interest. Dr. Bhandari’s welcoming clinic for family dentistry in Oakville is the first step in having a healthy, beautiful smile.


Dr. Bhandari works with a denture therapist to find the best options for your denture needs. Full or partial? Plastic or porcelain? Our Oakville dentistry team will find the option that is best suited to your specific needs.
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Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is used in dentistry instead of film because of the clarity of images it provides. Bhandari Dental’s access to this modern technology offers patients of our Oakville family dentistry practice unparalleled diagnostic capability. Family dentistry in Oakville with Dr. Bhandari gives patients a reliable diagnosis that helps them make the right decisions about their oral care.

Oral Sedation

Even with the comfortable, relaxed environment surrounding patients at Bhandari Dental, your dentist in Oakville, some patients can’t overcome their anxiety about dental procedures. In that case, oral sedation options are available. Dr. Bhandari and his staff will discuss the best sedation options for you to make your dental experience a pain-free and stress-free one.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal diseases are chronic bacterial infections that destroy the gums and supporting bone that hold teeth in place. Untreated periodontal disease can result in gingivitis (red, swollen, bleeding gums) that can lead to tooth loss. Even more seriously, the bacteria can enter the blood stream and begin infections in major organs. At Dr. Bhandari’s clinic for family dentistry in Oakville, both surgical and non-surgical treatments to combat periodontal disease are available. Your individual situation is assessed and the best treatment options are made available to you.

Seniors Dentistry

Bhandari’s Family Dentistry in Oakville is also open to seniors and their special needs and concerns. At Bhandari Dental procedures are explained step-by-step so you understand what is being done and why it is important to your overall dental health. Reasonable payment plans and options are available for more involved procedures.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions at our Oakville family dentistry facility are carried out with care and only when it is the only option. Every effort is made by Bhandari’s staff to make you comfortable throughout the procedure. Oral sedation is available to ease anxiety and make your tooth extraction a pain-free one.

To book your dental consultation with Bhandari Dental clinic today call 905-825-5110. You’ll be happy you did.