Oakville dentist Turns the Map Green for future generations

Written by Joy Roberts

Many businesses reward loyalty or create incentives for people to return. However, it’s rare to find a practice that takes a really long-term view and creates a model with the potential to affect generations to come.

But that’s what dentist Dr. Vineet Bhandari is doing. When he heard about rare’s Turn the Map Green program, an effort to conserve some of the most environmentally significant land in Canada, he signed up to symbolically adopt square meters to honour each of the children in his practice.

“At rare they are working to make a difference to our province — and our country — and it’s also helping to address problems we’ve created but future generations are going to have to deal with more urgently. My mother always taught me not to waste anything,” says Dr. Bhandari, “that even the smallest saving would add up to make a difference. So, for me, my family and my practice, conserving is second nature and everyone is encouraged to suggest how we could do more.”

All the children in Dr. Bhandari’s practice will receive certificates showing a picture of the species that live on those lands — along with an invitation to hike on more than eight km of trails when they are in the area. But even without visiting the property, they will learn about the importance of getting outdoors and protecting lands that are always on duty, always contributing to health and well-being.

Thanks Dr. Bhandari for helping rare Turn the Map Green for your patients’ well-being. As rare continues to expand as a land trust and environmental institute, creating communities of concern beyond the Region of Waterloo is a necessary step, and we’re excited to have more friends in Oakville.

You can Turn the Map Green too! Learn more at www.turnthemapgreen.ca